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Transoms are windows that sit above normal height, often above doors or above regular windows. These units let in beautiful natural light to any space, and it adds interest to entryways and other living areas. In Denver homes today, transoms are very common since high ceilings are a popular choice for new builds throughout the area.

At Denver Stained Glass, we love the functionality of these high-up windows. They offer a great opportunity to add a touch of your own personal style in a unique way, and we’re here to help you make it happen!

Transom Stained Glass Windows Denver

Whether your transom is in an entryway, or in any other room in your home, leaded glass windows are the perfect way to add style to an otherwise blank space. Transom windows also lend themselves to stained glass because of their typically odd shapes and sizes, which are troublesome for many other window covering options.

These windows are great for natural light, but many of our clients find that they actually want to diffuse the light a bit. Privacy can also become an issue if you’ve got other homes or buildings near you, and our products give you the best of both worlds!

Our process for designing transom stained glass begins with a free, free consultation with a designer. Your designer will take this time to really get to know what you’re looking for in your glasswork and recommend some beautiful options to suit your home and style. We always bring a great deal of photos and glass samples so you can see the wide variety of options you have available to you.

While many big-box stores sell mass-produced leaded glass, Denver Stained Glass builds every window custom. This allows you to get exactly the design you need, for exactly the window you want it in. Why settle for a pre-made style that only fits some of your preferences when you could have a custom piece that you truly love?

Transom Stained Glass Experts

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email anytime if you have questions about our products, our process, or if you have a unique project in mind! Let our team show you the vast options available to you with our stunning custom designs and glasswork, and schedule your free consultation today.

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