Antique Stained Glass Restorations and Repairs


At Denver Stained Glass, not only are we the leading provider for custom stained glass windows, but we also offer our expertise for stained glass restoration and repairs, including religious stained glass. Making repairs or fully restoring glasswork takes great care, and we understand the best processes for all glass projects.

Stained Glass Repair Denver

Repairs come in many different forms, and it’s not always antique windows that are broken. After all, glass simply is a breakable item. We have access to a vast selection of glass types, so even if you did not purchase your window with us, we rarely come across a glass that we cannot match and repair.

If your broken window is installed in a space in your home, let our team come and remove the piece safely. We have worked with thousands of repairs, and we can remove your window without causing further damage. We will then transport the piece to our workshop where one of our experienced builders can complete the repair. Then, we’ll have your window back in tip-top shape and re-installed as soon as possible!

Stained Glass Restoration Denver

Stained glass has been in production for decades, and many people today own a piece of antique stained glass that they came across or that was passed down through the family. Regardless of how you came across your piece, we understand the value, both monetarily and personally, of these beautiful pieces of art.

Restoration is a particularly delicate process since it is so important to retain the value of any antique window. Whether your piece has broken panes, bent or broken leadwork, or any other structural issue, our expert builders will take great care in the restoration process.

We have the ability to complete several restoration processes as needed. This includes replacing panes and matching glass types, re-leading small areas, re-leading the entire window, or making a piece more structurally sound. No matter what problem you run into, the experts at Denver Stained Glass will masterfully restore your piece.

Repair and Restoration Experts

If you have a window in need of repair or restoration, contact Denver Stained Glass today. We are often able to give you a price on your project simply from seeing a couple of photos, and we can get the process started right away! Our team is always available to answer any initial questions that you may have, so give us a call anytime!

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