Antique stained glass is our passion, especially beautifully vibrant religious stained glass. We love to breathe new life into the stories the images represented on them and we consider church stained glass a vital history deserving of respect. We also appreciate vintage home stained glass because of the nostalgia it brings to those who see it, of a bygone era, ornate craftsmanship and appreciation of details. As such we have a very specific and careful process for restoring any kind of stained glass to its original beauty.

Signs Your Stained Glass Needs Restoration

The first step in restoring your stained glass is knowing what is wrong with it. Damages and signs of aging we look for:

1. Brittle or stretched lead
2. Bowing windows
3. Loose windows with gaps near the frame
4. One or many cracks in any of the glass panels
5. Chips on any of the glass panels
6. Muted colors on glass
7. Diminished opacity of glass
8. Missing glass pieces
9. Softened lead came
10. White dust or film on the glass
11. Yellowing plexiglass
12. Discoloration of the glass
13. Concave or convex shape
14. Warped appearance

If you see any of these signs it’s likely time to get your stained glass repaired or restored. Some of these are structural and need to be addressed right away. Because of the delicacy of these relics, it is important to choose the right contractor- like Denver Stained Glass. A window properly restored by us will last another 80-100 years!

The Stained Glass Restoration Process

At Denver Stained Glass, we have developed a special restoration and installation process, which not only brings stained glass windows back to life aesthetically, it also makes them stronger, sturdier and more durable than they were originally. The process is straight forward but takes time and a delicate hand.

1. After you contact us, the next step is of course, a free consultation so we can determine exactly what is needed to restore your stained glass.

2. Once you accept our quote we will take the windows to our studio, where we soak the glass in a special solution to remove accumulated grime, old cement, etc. Although fragile, stained glass is not a substance that is badly affected by gravity or oxidation like the lead is, so it will be restored to its original transparency and luster.

3. The glass panels will then be disassembled, piece by piece and rebuilt using brand new lead strips. The new lead will look the same but will be reinforced on the inside to add much needed extra strength.

4 Finally, we reinstall the stained glass windows, doors, ceilings, or other panels to your church, using our special installation techniques, leaving your windows more beautiful than they have been in decades!

Contact Us for Stained Glass Repair & Restoration

At Denver Stained Glass we pride ourselves in the care we take to restore old stained glass windows to their former glory. Our highly skilled craftsmen are local and exceptionally skilled. We understand how cherished your stained glass windows are and how irreplaceable something with such sentimental value is to you. For a free consultation with Denver’s best stained glass restoration company, contact us today!

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