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Leaded Glass Windows Denver

Leaded glass windows are one of the most versatile and modern looking styles of stained and decorative glass. At one point, leaded glass could only be found in Denver’s historic neighborhoods, but today the style is making a comeback and newer homes are being constructed with this feature because of its beauty and practicality. Leaded glass is elegant and picturesque and makes for an enchanting addition to any room.

At Stained Glass Denver, we’ve built hundreds of leaded glass windows for homes, apartments, and buildings located all throughout the city of Denver. Leaded glass windows provide excellent lighting and are well suited for many different architectural styles. Whether you’re interested in adding one of these eye-catching features to your church, hotel, restaurant, or your very own home, we’re confident we can produce the perfect custom item for your space.

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Elegant Styles of Leaded Glass Doors, Exterior Windows & More

No two homes are exactly the same. While one style of leaded glass make look beautiful in one home, another, completely different style may look even better. That’s why we offer our customers an extensive range of options to choose from.

Our leaded glass doors, exterior windows, and panels are all made to order. That means that you can choose whatever style appeals to your taste and preferences the most. From traditional, classic looks to the boldest and most modern, we’re well versed in producing a variety of aesthetics and can created leaded glass of any style.

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The Perfect Addition to Any Room of your Home

When you first decided to buy your home, there was something special about it that appealed to you. Perhaps it was a certain architectural feature, room, or material that caught your eye. Whatever the reason, we know that your home is special to you. And we want to give you a leaded glass window that exemplifies its uniqueness and adds to its beauty. Whether we’re creating leaded glass for your bathroom windows, entryway, kitchen, dining room, or somewhere else, we guarantee that you’re going to love the way it looks in your home.

Our leaded and beveled glass windows are all custom made, which means that you get to take full charge of the finished results. When you work with us, you’ll get to dictate the shape, style, and design of your leaded glass. That way, you can make sure it matches perfectly in your home and accomplishes exactly what you imagined.

Browse Leaded Glass Windows for Sale in Denver

Discover beautiful leaded glass options for your Denver home. Call Stained Glass Denver today to get directions to our showroom. Or discuss your ideas with one of our experienced, in-house designers.


Leaded Glass Window FAQ

What is leaded glass?

A: Leaded glass windows are made from sections of glass which are held together by lead caming and assembled together to form a single panel. These windows can be any shape or size and used in a variety of places including windows and doors.

How much does it cost?

A: The cost of leaded glass typically depends on the square footage, materials, level of craftmanship, and overall quality. Simple designs may cost only $150 per square foot while more complex designs may cost $300-400 per square foot. For this reason, the cost ranges widely, varying from $500 for a small, simple pre-made panel to $5,000 or more.

What is the best place for leaded glass in my home?

A: You can install leaded glass anywhere you want! Most homeowners tend to choose their kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or entryway since these are the areas that need privacy the most.

Is leaded glass always clear or can it have colors?

A: Most leaded glass windows are clear. However, we always give our customers the option of choosing whatever color they prefer.

What is the value of leaded glass?

A: The value of leaded glass depends on who produced it, what materials were used, the intricacy of the artwork, its size, and its condition.

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