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If you are looking for someone to design a Dalle de Verre window for your building or have existing Dalle Glass that needs restoration in Denver, we welcome you to contact us for a consultation. Dalle de Verre was extremely popular in Denver and the rest of the country in the 50s and 60s but since has become increasingly rare. Stained Glass Denver is proud to be one of the few studios in Colorado that specializes in this glassmaking technique. Whether you need help creating a beautiful piece of artwork for your property or have Dalle Glass that needs repairs, we would be honored to be part of your project.


Dalle Glass Repair & Restoration

Dalle de Verre is a French term that means “slabs of glass.” Originally, the technique was developed by Parisian artist Jean Gaudin in 1930. It gained popularity quickly in Europe and eventually made its way to the U.S. Today, a large number of these works exist in the Southern U.S. in places like Texas and in states located along the West Coast such as California.

Dalle Glass is made primarily by arranging large, thick chunks of colored glass and binding them in place using epoxy mortar. First, the artist cuts out the pieces of glass, then carefully carves them into the right shape. Using a chisel, they create a jagged edge which makes the glass look more faceted. It is this faceted characteristic that gives Dalle Glass the unique ability to refract light and illuminate building interiors.

Once the glass has been shaped, it is laid out in a design of the artist’s choosing on a flat bed of sand. Epoxy is poured between the grooves, adhering the glass in place. Then, more sand is added (sometimes a different color) to produce a sort of grouted look. Over time, however, the epoxy mortar may weaken and begin to crumble. Sometimes, glass pieces also crack as the damage worsens.

To restore Dalle Glass, this process must be repeated. But first, the panels must be taken apart. We meticulously cut out all the pieces of glass and clean them up along the edges. Any pieces that are in poor condition and cannot be reused are discarded. Then, the panel is assembled back together using the same techniques with which it was originally made.

Restoring Dalle de Verre is a time-intensive process. Therefore, at Stained Glass Denver, we often complete the restoration in phases, first removing and repairing one section before moving on to the next. Therefore, the timeline for repairs may be two or three years. However, once the restoration is complete, your Dalle Glass will look more beautiful than ever before.


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