Custom Glasswork with Denver Stained Glass

Denver Stained Glass is the leading stained glass studio in the country, and our team strives to provide the most beautiful windows available to homeowners in the Denver area. Our time-tested process allows each and every client to choose something that they will love for years to come. In fact, if cared for properly, custom leaded glass windows can essentially last forever in your home.

The owner of Denver Stained Glass, Martin Faith, learned authentic glassmaking techniques in his hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. Our team of experienced builders use many of the same techniques today to create truly authentic leaded glass windows that you and your family can enjoy forever. Our process begins with an free consultation with one of our experienced designers to go over your options and pricing.

If you’re interested in stained glass for your home, take some time to browse through the photos on this website, and learn more about what styles and designs that you like. This gives your designer a great place to start. Then, we can work from designs that you like to find something you love! When you’re ready, give us a call or send an email with any questions, and get your free consultation scheduled today.


Scottish Stained Glass is proud to be able to showcase their beautiful stained glass designs to the residents of Denver. In business for over 20 years, Scottish was indeed founded by a Scotsman – owner Martin Faith.

Martin’s philosophy is simple. “Give our clients exactly what they want, at a price they can afford — with the best possible customer service and the highest quality product.”

Since its inception, Scottish has installed over 40,000 stained and leaded glass windows and doors, not to mention skylights, transoms, hanging panels and even family crests.

Repeatedly recognized for our outstanding work, we have been featured on a host of different national television stations, including, CBS, NBC, and Fox Network. We have also been featured more than once on both HGTV and the DIY Network.

Custom Bathroom Stained Glass

Transform your bathroom into your very own oasis with custom stained glass. Stained glass optimizes both functionality and aesthetics by addressing privacy with one-of-a-kind design. Obstruct all unwanted views into your bathroom without having to sacrifice natural sunlight. From contemporary, leaded designs to traditional, colorful stained glass, we’ve got you covered. Work with one of our stained glass artisans to hand design the perfect investment for your bathroom. Installing custom bathroom stained glass can improve curb appeal as well as resale value. Give your home that highly desired custom-build look today!

Custom Entryway Stained Glass

Enhance your entryway by investing in custom stained glass. Everyone loves the look of a grand entryway– achieving this look is easier than renovating the interior of your home, simply install custom stained glass! Stained glass transforms your existing space by allowing an abundance of natural sunlight into your entryway while still obscuring unwanted views into your home. Give guests the best first impression of your home and potential buyers the immediate feel of a high-end custom designed property. We can build custom stained glass for your existing entryway door or for a new one. Heighten curb appeal and property value today!

Custom Transom Stained Glass

Transoms are typically smaller windows that frame larger windows for additional sunlight. While these windows can offer significant design appeal, they may lack in function due to privacy concerns and limited window covering options. Custom stained glass is the perfect replacement for any transom, offering both privacy and continued sunlight. Stained glass further improves the design appeal of transom windows, providing gorgeous prisms of light in your home when the sun hits them just right. Some older homes have transoms inside their homes– stained glass can transform these ordinary windows into pieces of art.

Custom Sidelight Stained Glass

Sidelights provide great natural light into your entryway further promoting that grand entry feel. Upgrading your sidelights with custom stained glass can drastically improve curb appeal while also addressing privacy issues. Perfect for adding custom design to your home while still allowing that beautiful natural sunlight into your entry. Custom stained glass sidelights can also improve resale value and give potential buyers a wonderful first impression.

Custom Kitchen Stained Glass

The kitchen is the center of activity in every home. Considering how much time you spend in your kitchen, it should be a place that feels welcoming and makes you smile every time you walk in the room. Our custom kitchen stained glass windows are just what you need to give your space that extra special touch and hint of glamour. Opt for a privacy stained glass installation for the window above your kitchen sink. Or express your creativity with a colorful design for your cabinets, pantry, or kitchen lights. Whatever you choose, our dedicated artisans will create something special that makes your kitchen look stunning.

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